• Manic Panic High Voltage® Classic Hair Color 118ml (Deep Purple Dream™)

Manic Panic Classic high voltage semi-permanent hair dye is world famous for its unique vibrant colours, long lasting effect and vegan friendly PPD free materials that have been lighting up the hairstyles of alternative individuals for decades ever since the punk era.

Usage Instructions

We have several tips that will give your hair dye a better chance of really shining:

  • Always do a strand and patch test to check the colour and to test for any allergies!!
  • For the best and brightest colour results bleach the hair to a level 9 or 10 (Nearly White) before applying any dye.
  • Always wear gloves when applying temporary hair dye, comb your hair thoroughly beforehand.
  • To avoid dye stains around the hairline and on ear apply Vasaline or a small amount of baby oil - Do not get this in your hair!
  • Apply mixture evenly and thoroughly to the hair - Gentle dyes such as Manic Panic can be left in for hours and even overnight to result in a more intense colour without any damage to the hair.
  •  ALWAYS rinse the hair with cool or cold water after first application! This will lock in the colour!!
  • These temporary dyes can last up to 6 weeks and you can extend the length of time your hair will stay dyed by washing your hair less frequently or using dry shampoo or PH neutral shampoo's such as baby shampoo instead.
  • Any harsh shampoos such as anti-dandruff, anti-ageing, or cleansers designed for an intense boost of moisture such as hot oil treatments can result in some loss of colour! (A helpful tip for when you're ready to change colour!)
  • Always follow instructions on the packaging.
Hair Dye
Colour Deep Purple Dream
Duration 4 - 6 weeks
Ingredients Vegan Friendly, PPD Free!
Style Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
Volume 118ml

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Manic Panic High Voltage® Classic Hair Color 118ml (Deep Purple Dream™)

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