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Eternal Goth

The New Years Sale is now on!

The new years sale has started! Now is the perfect time to come a grab some cheap items before they're gone!

Remember you can buy multiple items for a single shipping fee, or if your basket total exceeds 50 GBP shipping is free within the UK!

Plus if you're shopping from within Europe shipping is free on orders over 100 GBP!

We can also ship to most countries in the world, however in cases where shipping is not listed for your country please contact us regarding shipping costs and we'll be happy to help you.

Come find yourself a bargain at Eternal Goth!

Announcing version 3.1.0 of our website!

Well, it's that time again! Yet another update has landed to offer several benefits and usability improvements.

As mentioned in our previous news article the website was updated to version 3.1.0 Debug to sync New Rock and Hades footwear stock levels.

However on that build many new additions were still incomplete and not available. But now version 3.1.0 is stable and complete and as such now includes all the new stuff!

Here's a full breakdown of the biggest changes since version 3.0:

Desktop and Mobile Specific Changes:

  • New Feature: View your previously written reviews in your account control panel under "My Reviews"
  • Reviews written will now be automatically approved and appear visible once server side page cache has cleared (Roughly two minutes later)
  • Reviews written with new lines will now keep their new lines. Thus how you write the review is how it will appear to other users.
  • No need to clear browser cache! The website will now handle this automatically and browsers will always get the latest CSS/JavaScript!
  • Sync Dropship stock levels with various third parties
  • Related Products will now be shown on product pages
  • All product images generated are now PNG instead of JPG.

Desktop Specific Changes:

  • New Feature: Product Filters are here! You can now filter items in a category by brand, colour, price, size etc.
  • New Feature: Recently viewed items will now be shown on various pages.
  • Halloween theme has been brought back from the dead! - As Halloween has passed this theme has been disabled!
  • Generated image backgrounds will now match the background the image is placed on.
  • News Articles "Newer" and "Older" will no longer break if current session is lost.
  • "Refine Search" on category pages has been redesigned to be more visually appealing
  • The "Brand" menubar item no longer sends users to the homepage and instead will direct them to the "Brands" page.
  • The old script loading system has been replaced with a native HTML5 option thus fixing issues which may occur with old system.
  • Show empty review stars on category list of products to prevent leaving just a blank space where an item has no reviews.
  • Secondary categories menu has been entirely removed and replaced with Filters and Recent Products
  • "My Wishlist" in "My Account" has been redesigned to be more visually appealing.
  • Move Social Media links into their own footer column.
  • Fixes issues where "Add to Compare" may not work as expected under certain conditions.
  • Fixes issues where "Add to Wish List" may not work as expected under certain conditions.
  • Includes various other visual changes.

Mobile Specific Changes:

  • Fixes an issue where product pages may not load correctly if the product images cannot be found.
  • Scripts will now be loaded in the same method as the Desktop thus providing a quicker loading time.
  • "My Wishlist" in "My Account" has been redesigned to be more visually appealing and will appear different based on screen size.
More new items now in stock!

In our quest of constantly improving our product lines to bring you more unique and high quality items we are pleased to announce that we now stock items from Banned!

However, you may have noticed lately we have been bringing new things to our website in the last couple of months such as Alchemy, Hades and now Banned.

Well, this is all part of a much larger plan we have that is taking place! We already have new contracts with a few other suppliers which we fully intend to bring in stock over the next few months some of these brands you will know, some of them you will not. But what we do know is that you will love them just as much as we do!

As this all unfolds we will be bringing new product lines to you as well as a big surprise if everything goes according to plan.

This means the next few months look to be very interesting indeed!

Hades Footwear now available and New Rock updates!

Today we have something new for you! We've receive many requests from you about this and it is finally here!

Hades Footwear!

Yes, that's right we now stock Hades footwear and we will ship them anywhere in the world (shipping prices may vary).

As our Hades range is new it is not yet complete and more products are being added on a daily basis.

You can easily find Hades footwear items by navigating to Gothess -> Footwear -> Hades or for quickness just head straight to Brands -> Hades.

Additionally, we have also updated our website to a more recent development build of the website to add the ability to sync New Rock stock levels directly with the New Rock factory. This will prevent issues occurring where sizes will appear available where they are not.

Thus, all stock levels for New Rock are automagicaly managed which means we will soon be expanding our New Rock range to feature many more boots as managing them will become easier.

As the website is now running the most recent development version of our website a few changes will be noticeable and there may be some minor bumps and bugs along the road. It is however deemed stable enough for usage and further development will continue outside of the live website as such the live website may receive more periodic updates as issues are found and fixed.

So if you find anything that is broken please do let us know!

Free International Shipping now available to all!

Hey folks, we know our international customers felt a little left out recently due to the lack of free postage options being available.

Well the good news is, you are no longer left out of this offer! However some changes have been made regarding required limits due to the nature of international postage costs generally being higher.

As such, for International customers the offer has been bumped to have a £100* minimum order limit**. Anything over this value and its free postage all the way!

Although we are currently trialling the new minimum order limit for international customers and this limit may lower or raise depending on how the trial goes. We hope we will not have to raise this limit, but if we can safely lower it in the future we will!

If you require any further information regarding our offers please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always be happy to help!

* For customers within the UK the limit remains at £50 with no changes made.
** Excluding New Rock items