• Iron Cross Embroidered Patch

The Iron Cross with a silver outline is the most iconic Iron Cross!

Usage Instructions

This item can be stitched onto your items or you may iron the patch on.

Ironing your patch on is a simple process, simply follow these instructions in order:

  1. Place the embroidered patch on your garment where desired with the coated side down.
  2. Set your iron to its cotton setting, or as instructed on your garments care label.
  3. Place a damp cloth over the patch and iron on applying pressure for 20-25 seconds (Longer if temperature is low)
  4. Allow the patch and your garment to cool down
  5. Turn your garment inside-out and press area where the patch was applied for another 20-25 seconds.
  6. Allow your garment to cool

That's it! Your patch should now be applied!


Do not attempt to iron patch onto plastic or lightweight vinyl surfaces.

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Iron Cross Embroidered Patch

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