• Water Dragon Umbrella (Anne Stokes)

Stay dry in style with this beautiful umbrella designed by the world famous Anne Stokes and produced exclusively by Nemesis Now.

The unfolded canopy of this umbrella shows an elven woman rising from a mysterious pool, the pillars of some ancient temple rising in the background.

She wears an elegant blue dress, an exotic crown and a matching bangle, the sharp spirals in contrast to the dragon tattoo on her arm. In her hands, she holds a small dragon, just lifted out of the water, coiling its tail around her arm and looking at her with curiosity as she smiles back.

The fantastic Anne Stokes’ artwork doesn’t just depict a scene but evokes a whole fantasy world, and is sure to draw attention to you in wet weather.

This beautiful umbrella is perfect for those who feel a connection to another world, or for those who want to stand out and add a sense of wonder and mystery to a rainy day.

Extending to 55cm in length, with a spacious span of almost a metre, this umbrella compacts down to a mere 5cm across and 24cm long for easy carrying and storage.

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Water Dragon Umbrella (Anne Stokes)

  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Product Code: B2639G6
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  • £15.00

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